What New Yorkers Do on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday

What New Yorkers do on Thanksgiving Day

If you want to visit New York during the festival season, you can choose Thanksgiving Day. Its a celebrated holiday in many countries.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Thanksgiving always falls on the last Thursday in November, so the date can change from year to year, but it’s always on a Thursday.

It’s a time for family, food, and friends. People visit their immediate or sometimes extended family and enjoy turkey at their own homes or at their friend’s houses. When Thanksgiving day ends, most of the people who’ve indulged in too much turkey might find themselves in a Turkey coma (Turkey contains a chemical named Tryptophan that makes people feel tired).

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

New York Thanksgiving Parade celebration

This is one of the most iconic event in New York City. You can expect crowds, larger-than-life balloons, festive music, marching bands, and even Santa Claus. You can enjoy a free 3 hour parade, which travels from Central Park to Herald Square. If you want to secure a good spot, it’s best to arrive before 6 am on Central Park West.

Ice Skating in Central Park

ice skating central park

For those looking for fun activities to enjoy with friends and family on thanksgiving day, head to ice skating ring at Central Park’s Wollman Rink. On Thanksgiving Day, it’s open from 10 am to 10 pm.

Did you know?

Wollman Rink is named after Wollman family, who donated funds for its original construction.

Black Friday

Black Friday shopping

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, a highly anticipated day in New York for discount shopping. People engage in shopping sprees, buying new clothes, electronic items, and gifts for their loved ones. Many people wait outside stores from midnight on Thanksgiving Day for the doors to open, allowing them to take advantage of signifiant discounts.

The Best Places to Shop on Black Friday

Macy’s Department Store : They are the original promoters of Black Friday. Doors open at 6 am, and you can expect long lines and crowds.

Saks Off Fifth Avenue: The best choice for clothing purchases.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday falls on the Monday following Black Friday. Most of the online companies that sell electronic products, software, online services like web hosting, image and video editing, offer their product and services at discounted prices.