6 Different Crochet Dish Towel Patterns, Holders

Crochet Dish Towel Patterns

Is your kitchen looking dull or boring? If yes, don’t worry I have an interesting thing to share with you. This will use to overcome your irritation. A crochet dish towel is one of the most fantastic things for homemakers. A crochet towel makes your kitchen more beautiful and also it is a  helpful thing for kitchen usage. There are different colors and styles are in the crocheted towel by using it you can make your kitchen a colorful design. I have listed some towels for regular uses Scrubby towel, Floursack, Hanging hand towel, Kitchen towel holder, 2 IN 1 Cotton Knit Coffee Cup, Mitered Square handing, Crochet round towel, Striped dish towel. Now I’m gonna share some crochet dish towel patterns.


  1. The scrubby towel is mainly used as a Dishwasher Towel.
  2. It is used for kitchen cleaning and drying purpose.
  3. This towel is more eco-friendly.
  4. In this towel, 100% cotton is presented.
  5. It is safer on all dishes and pans even non-stick.
  6. Scrubby towel  Measures approximately 4 inches wide and 6 inches long.

2. Flour Sack ($8.99)

  1. The flour sack contains 100% cotton.
  2. 28*28 is its measurement.
  3. The flour sack is in a rectangle shape and it is compact for all hands.
  4. Can be used as gloves.
  5. It is made with commercial-grade heat transfer vinyl.
  6. You can wash and reuse it.

3. Summer Sunflowers Yellow Hanging Towel($14.99)

  1. In this towel top and hand are crocheted with a hanging loop.
  2. Also, have a double-sewn button.
  3. Cotton and acrylic are used in Hanging hand towels.
  4. The hanging hand towel measures  10 inches in width and 16 inches in height.
  5. The sunflower design is an extra gives extra additional beauty to this towel

4. Hug Your Mug Cup Cozy ($9.97)

  1. This item is specially designed to fit a small coffee cup to prevent heat.
  2. It is 100% made of Cotton.
  3. This towel is more eco-friendly.
  4. It can be the wash and reuse.
  5. This will hug your mug and give a great look to your cup.

5. Double Thickness Potholders – 100% cotton ($16.15)

  1. The double thickness will help you protect yourself from the heat in the cookware.
  2. This hand towel contains 100% pure cotton yarn.
  3. You can use a hanging kitchen towel or potholder or both on request.
  4. This looks so cute and the colors are different and look great.

6. AIFUDA 4 Pcs Cotton Thread Weave Hot Pot Holders ($7.99)

  1. You can use this towel as a washcloth or dishcloth.
  2. It is 100% cotton yarn.
  3. This thick absorbent and made with a flexible pattern which makes the towel long-lasting.
  4. Crochet round towel measures 8 inches.
Final verdict:

These are the different varieties that are available in the kitchen towels. Hope this will be useful if it is then share it with your friends.