How to Get Rid of Hickies Very Fast (Overnight)

get rid of a hickey

Hickeys are red and dark spots in your soft and smooth skin. Whenever they come, they always leave you some dark spots or a scar. Dark spots are formed because of the blood clots. They can also be avoided or hidden by using makeup, and covering them with clothes. Guys stop getting tensed because of this. We have several remedies for your affected skin that can be treated in your home itself. Read the instructions listed below to get rid of hickeys.

How to get rid of a hickey overnight?

1.Ice Cube Compress

Hickeys are formed due to the blood clots. These blood clots can be broken by pressing it with the ice cubes. Treat your hickey with the ice cubes.

warm compress opt
  1. Take 2-3 ice cubes. Wrap it over the towel.
  2. Now press it lightly against the hickey on your face for 10-15 minutes.

When the ice cubes reacts with your skin, it prevents swelling and reduces the pain. Avoid using the cubes directly on your hickeys. This may cause ice burns and irritates your skin.

2. Cold Spoon Press

cold spoon press

Take a stainless steel spoon and put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Now use paper towel and wrap it over the spoon. Gently press it on your skin. Repeat it regularly to kick the hickeys away.

3. Tooth paste

Toothpaste contains more Bleach properties. Well, this gives you surprisingly great relief from the painful hickeys.

use toothpaste
  1. Take white toothpaste and apply it on the affected area.
  2. Now rub the paste and do a massage.
  3. Leave it overnight. Then clean it using warm water.

This helps to get rid of hickeys overnight. This is like facial bleach to your skin and gives good results.

4. Orange Juice

Vitamin C stuffed Orange can help to reduce the dark red spots. It is most essential to take orange juices to avoid skin to be affected.

orange juice
  1. Have orange juice more when the skin is affected.
  2. Make fresh orange juice and drink it for every 2 hours. This decreases the hickey at a very fast rate.
  3. If you don’t get orange fruits, at least take Vitamin C tablets thrice a day when you get hickey.

5. Aloe-Vera Gel

Best moisturizing aloe Vera is a good treatment that helps to get rid of hickey. It has medical properties like soothing as well as anti-inflammatory.

aloe vera gel.
  1. Take Aloe Vera and extract gel from it.
  2. Apply it on the affected skin. Do massage over the painful areas.
  3. Repeat it in every face wash with the extracted gel or by using the lotions.

6. Massage on the affected area

To help in healing the hickey, do the massage. Heat massages using your hand, helps you to improve the blood circulation and breaks the blood clots.

finger massage
  1. Place you fingers onto the affected area.
  2. Make a circular rotation in a clock-wise manner.
  3. Then press the hickeys to get warm compression.

7. Ketchups and sauces

To get rid of a hickey, try with the sauces and ketchups. This is silly but gives good solution overnight.

ketchup and sauces
  1. Take ketchup paste and apply it on the areas affected.
  2. Rub it for a few minutes.
  3. This completely removes the hickey from your skin.

8. Garlic paste

Garlic paste is the good choice to get rid of a hickey very fast. This natural treatment works within few minutes and throws away your hickey.

garlic paste
  1. Take garlic and cut it into two halves.
  2. Rub the garlic on the affected skin.
  3. Do this until it gets disappeared.

9. Pepper-Mint oil

To increase the blood circulation and to break the blood clots, pepper mint oil helps to remove a hickey.

pepper mint
  1. Put pepper mint oil or its lotion on the red spot.
  2. Massage on the painful hickey ( press the dark spots hardly using tour thumb)

Tips to get rid of a hickey

  1. Eating strawberries helps to form has salicylic acid which reduces swelling.
  2. Press hardly on the hickey to break the clots in the blood vessels.
  3. Try with tooth brush to rub on the red or dark spot.
  4. Scrap the hickey from your skin by using Coins
  5. Make vibrations by using combs on the affected area and throw the hickey away.