5 Best Non-Toxic Crayons for Toddlers

Non toxic Crayons for Toddlers

Toddlerhood is the perfect age when our kids start showing their interest and creativity. It is a time for your kids to develop physically, emotionally, socially, and as well as creating motor skills (the outcome of practicing and exercising). Being a toddler they just love to do artwork, certainly not a masterpiece but they can change a blank white paper into a colorful one.

Recently, I was searching for crayons for gifting my niece ( she always loves to use crayons and markers to scribble all over the floor, wall, etc.,). At that time I came across these non-toxic crayons and to my surprise, it was made up of natural materials and that was a relief. And then I thought most of us may not know about these crayons. So, I decided to write an article about non-toxic crayons for toddlers in my blog. I sure this article will be helpful for all the mothers out there to choose the best non-toxic crayons for their kids. Now, let’s dig into the article.

What are non-toxic crayons and what they are made up of?

best non toxic waxes

Crayons are made of paraffin wax and some added colors. This wax contains lots of chemicals like Lead, Cadmium, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, etc., these are harmful chemicals for our little heroes and heroines. So later on some of the companies have introduced non-toxic crayons with some replacements. The non-toxic crayons are safe for our children. Now let us see the replacement of paraffin wax used in the non-toxic crayons.

1. Beeswax

Beeswax is made from honeycomb and it is a natural ingredient with high durability. Many non-toxic crayons are made of Beeswax as it is stronger and cant be broken easily. Crayons made of beeswax smells good and delicious like honey.

2. Soy Wax

Soy wax is made out of Soybeans. Soy wax is very soft and is not strong as beeswax. But it is very safe for children as it is very organic.

3. Plant and Vegetable extract wax

Plant and vegetable extract wax is the safest choice for your children, but it’s pretty expensive. These are 100% pure vegetable wax.

4. Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is also called Brazil and Palm wax. It is made out of a Brazilian palm tree. It is very strong and hard to break.

Pros and Cons of using non-toxic crayons

The Pros

  • Made of non-toxic wax (Beeswax, Soy wax, vegetable wax, etc.,)
  • It prevents your children from chemicals.

The Cons

  • Breaks easily.
  • Pretty expensive.
  • Stains cloth as it is made of natural wax.

The Best Non-Toxic Crayons

Now let us see some of the non-toxic crayons and their useful features to make you select the best of best for this list.

1.GiBot Toddlers Crayons Palm-Grip Crayons($9.99)

GiBot Toddlers Crayons Palm Grip Crayons

GiBot Toddler crayons are one of the best crayons for your little ones.

  1. PERFECTLY SHAPED TO HOLD EASILY FOR THE LITTLE HANDS – GiBot Toddler Crayons are made with care for the toddlers and kids to hold them easily with their little hands while drawing without any effort.
  2. NON-TOXIC and SAFETY CRAYONS – They are made of non-toxic wax and ingredients which also has CE approved and EN71 Certified. The GiBot crayons also have a small pass-through hole to avoid possible choking.
  3. EASILY WASHABLE- As it is made out of organic crayons it may be a little sticky. But don’t worry you can easily wash it with your regular soap.
  4. BUILDING BLOCKS CRAYONS- These crayons are not only used for drawing or painting but also you can make your toddler use them as a building block.
  5. 12 COLOURFUL CRAYONS – Comes with 12 basic colorful crayons that will attract your toddlers easily.

2. Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons ( $22.95) Free Coloring Book PDF Download with Amazon Purchase

Honeysticks Pure Beeswax Crayons

Honeysticks are made of original beeswax and they are hand-made in New Zealand.

Age: 1 year+

  1. NATURAL NON TOXIC GOODNESS – Honeysticks are made of beeswax and they are 100% pure handmade New Zealand Beeswax. This can be used by everyone.
  2. DURABILITY – The Honerysticks are chubby shaped with 55mm height and 22mm diameter, this helps in holding the crayons easily on their little hands. The beeswax is stronger while comparing with other waxes. So it is very hard to break. This is one of the main advantages of using Honeystick beeswax crayons.
  3. 12 ATTRACTIVE COLORS – Comes with a pack of 12 attractive colors. It has the real scent of honey in each crayon.

3. Flower Monaco – Silky Crayons with three ways of usage ($15.90)

Flower Monaco Silky Crayons
  1. THREE MODES OF USAGE – These crayons can be used in three ways as it is silky, you can use it like a Crayon, can be used for Pastel (used for painting), and add some water to these crayons and use it like Watercolor.
  2. NON – TOXIC AND SAFETY CRAYONS – This crayon is made from non-toxic natural wax. It has also CPSC certificates of US and CE certificates of Europe as well.
  3. EASY TO WASH – As these crayons are smooth as silk, so it’s easy to color and as well as easily washable on bathtub walls and tiles.
  4. BRIGHT AND VIBRANT COLORS – Those are Jumbo-sized crayons that are perfectly sized for small hands. It comes in 24 bright colors. These Crayons are twistable which will not break easily. and children will love to play with it as well.

4. Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons, Coloring for Toddlers ($10.99) Set of 6

Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons
  1. DURABILITY: It is very hard to break and it can be used up to a year. One Crayola crayon is equal to 14 regular crayons.
  2. USAGE: These are egg-shaped Palm-Grip crayons that make it easy for toddlers to hold it easy while scribbling.
  3. EASY TO WASH: As it is made up of natural wax material, it is easy for the parents to wash it from walls, clothes, etc.,
  4. FEATURE: It comes with a set of 6 Crayons for Toddlers in blue, red, orange, green, yellow, and purple.

5. ALEX Jr. Tots First Crayons ($13.99) Set of 6

ALEX Jr Tots First Crayons
  1. Easy to grip star-shaped specially made for toddlers.
  2. It comes with 6 star-shaped crayons in red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and green.
  3. Recommended for 18+ months and older kids.

Final Verdict

Honorable mention

Here are some of the special mentions that I have to share with you guys. Apart from those crayons that I have mentioned above, these are also some of the best crayons in the market.

  1. Crayola Twistable Crayons Coloring Set, Kids Indoor Activities At Home, Age 3+
  2. Crayon Rocks 16 Colors (Red Velvet Bag)

So these are the crayons that I found useful and the safest ones. And I have listed the best crayons according to the quality and pricing. As a mother, if you guys have brought or noticed any other best quality crayons please share that with me in the comment box below. That would be grateful for me. Thanks for reading and if you like this article share it with your friends and family.