5 Best Non-Toxic Dinnerware (2024) Check It Out

Non toxic dinnerware's

Cooking is an art. If it comes out with superb taste that’s more special. But do you know what’s more important than that? It’s the creativity of decoration in serving the meals.

Many chefs say, the effort which you put into cooking the dish must be equally given to how you serve the dish. Yeah! That’s the first impression which attracts the people.

When it comes to decorating the dish we mostly concentrate on the dinnerware and tableware that we use. Because that plays a vital role in serving your meals. But we can’t compromise with the quality of the dinnerware right! It’s really a big struggle to find toxin-free dinnerware. But after reading this article you won’t feel that struggle in your mind.

What are Dinnerware and Tableware?

Dinnerwares are nothing but a plate with a creative design that is used for setting a table. Whereas tableware is the folks, spoons, cutlery which is used for serving the meals.

How to Avoid Non-Toxic Dinnerwares?

First of all, what is toxic? Nowadays we have toxins which are also known as poisons in all the foods which we eat. Knowingly or unknowingly we consume the toxins in our body. That’s really a drastic one. But then people will have the mindset that they should have toxin-free foods to eat.

When we consider or look for a toxin-free food, Dinnerware plays a major part in it. First, we should know which acts as a toxin in the Dinnerwares. The two main toxins are lead and cadmium. They are used for glazing the plates and for decorating purposes. Let’s know more about it clearly.

Lead in dinnerwares

Lead is being used in all the ceramic made plates and porcelain made plates and so on. Using the lead in the dinnerware will give a shiny and smooth look to the materials. Not only that, but the bright colors and the decorative intense designs, everything only comes when a lead is added to that dinnerware.

How lead affect health?

When people ask, Does lead contained in dinnerwares affect health? The answer is obviously “Yes”. , The plates and the dinnerware always contain lead to making it look pretty and beautiful from old age.

But when you use lead-containing dinnerware there are lots of chances that it will surely affect our health. It will not happen suddenly. But it’s like a slow poison that paves a way for abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss, learning difficulties, and more. See, children should be completely prohibited from this type of dinnerware.


When lead is for the smoothness, on the other side Cadmium is for the colors. The colorful mixture of multi-colors will attract the users to buy it for sure. People tend to see the colors and get excited and say, I love the blue color and my husband loves the green color. So we will buy that one. But these are the two culprits which are gonna affect our health.

The same problem which I have mentioned above will happen when you use cadmium-contained dinnerwares. So what do you have to do? You have to buy lead and cadmium-free dinnerware. So I’m gonna list that out in this article which is below.

Best Non-Toxic Dinnerwares

We have seen briefly about the dinnerware. And now we also know that one should keep in mind to buy only lead and cadmium-free dinnerware before they make a purchase. So you wanna stress out your mind to search for the best Non-toxic dinnerware.

For your convenience, I have done some research on the dinnerware. And I’m gonna list out the best Non-toxic dinnerware which is mainly free of lead and cadmium. Come let’s explore it now.

1. Fiesta 4-Piece Place Setting, White ($36.99)(Made in the USA)

Fiesta 4 Piece Place Setting White
  • It is completely made up of lead-free and cadmium-free materials so it is very much eco-friendly and hygienic to use.
  • You don’t want to worry about using it in the oven and dishwasher. Because it is very much safe in such conditions.
  • They give five years of chip warranty to these dinnerware sets.
  • No other artificial colors are added to this for decoration and other purposes, it is clearly visible from the color white.

2. Aquaterra Living Eco-friendly Dinner Plate Set ($29.99)

Aquaterra Living Eco friendly Dinner Plate Set
  • Aquaterra is made of Bamboo so it is eco-friendly to use and eat meals on serving in it and it is very light in weight.
  • By seeing the delicate texture you cannot doubt the durability, They are absolutely durable for long years.
  • You can use it with the dishwasher and extremely safe with the microwave oven.
  • What we need more? When we get the essential features with the hygiene. We definitely do not say “No” to it.
  • This can be used both indoors and outdoors.

3. Corelle Service for 6 (18-Piece) ($59.99)

Corelle Service for 6
  • Mostly the white colorless dinnerware sets are free of toxins. Because there are no artificial colors added to it.
  • Serving in these white color plates will elevate the dish to the next level.
  • The main thing about these dinnerware sets, they are lead and cadmium-free ones. So, there will no hazardous to our health.
  • It is made up of glass but at the same time, it is much more durable which will last for many years.

4. FOODLE Wheat Straw Dinnerware Sets ($46.99)

FOODLE Wheat Straw Dinnerware Sets
  • From the name, we can know that is made of fine eco-friendly wheat which is BPA free and other chemical-free like Lead and cadmium.
  • These dinnerware sets can be used for multi-purposes like trips, schools, home, and also for special occasions.
  • You can surprise and make a revolution among your friends and family by giving them as a gift.
  • It is a hundred percent hygienic to use, we don’t need to worry about the quality of the materials.
  • Serving the food in this type of dinnerware for children is a wise choice.

5. AIDEA Wood Dinnerware Set 12pcs Acacia Wood Tableware Set, Dishes Set for 4 ($87.99)

AIDEA Wood Dinnerware Set 12pcs
  • This is made up of non-sustainable woods so it is absolutely lead and cadmium-free.
  • Perfectly offers us a toxin-free material, We can use without any fear of hygiene.
  • Though it looks heavy it is very much easy to handle with its lightweight.
  • You can serve snacks, desserts and other grand dishes in it which will give a great grand look to that particular occasion.
  • The only disadvantage is it is only hand-washable it is not safe to use it with the dishwasher and you should keep this out from the oven.

What material is used for making Dinnerware sets?

There are different types of dinnerware that exist. Each one differs from one another. They vary from the qualities and features they have in them. And the price difference also occurs depending upon the dinnerware that you choose. First, let’s explore the types of dinnerware now.

common types of dinnerware
  • Earthenware
  • Stoneware
  • Porcelain or China
  • Bone China
  • Melamine
  • Vitrified glass

1. Earthenware

  • Earthenware is made of ceramic which is clay-based and seems to be the pottery type that is fired below 1200 degrees celsius.
  • This has been used since the 21st century with waterproof and heatproof which is suitable for freezing and cooking.
  • Normally, this is considered to be less expensive when compared to all the dinnerware.
  • But there are a lot of chances for earthenware to get broken easily.
  • It cannot be used for normal use since the durability is very less.

2. Stoneware

  • This is also made of ceramic material but when compared to earthenware, Stoneware is much more durable than earthenware.
  • Stoneware can be used for casual use because its durability is very high and it lasts for years.
  • The body of the stoneware is very thicker and completed with the glaze texture so that it looks very shiny.
  • This can be maintained very easily and it is guaranteed with the waterproof and heatproof.
  • But you have to make sure with the manufacturer before you use into extreme cold and hot temperatures.

3. Porcelain or China

Porcelain or China
  • Porcelain is made up of fine particles of clay-like Felspar, Kaolin, and quartz. All three are heated together and the vessels are being made.
  • It is more durable and is non-porous.
  • This looks more delicate and due to that, it comes up with lots of attractive models.
  • Porcelain is very much safe with the dishwasher and it is guaranteed with the overheating and freezing proof.
  • But you have to make sure with the manufacturer before you expose it to extremely hot and cool temperatures.
  • The best brands of porcelain dinnerware are Lenox, Noritake, Villeroy, and Boch.

4. Bone China

Bone China
  • It is very much from the name Bone China i.e it is made from animal bones combined with clay and porcelain ceramic.
  • This looks very fragile but it is much more durable.
  • You can use it with the dishwasher and safely with a Microwave oven.
  • So you can use this for both normal use and as well as on special occasions.
  • You can just serve the meals and this will give a grand look to that particular occasion.
  • The best brands in bone china dinnerware are Royal Doulton, Wedgewood, and Mikasa.

5. Melamine

  • Melamine is made of plastic materials that will be unbreakable to use.
  • On the same hand, it is not very much safer to use.
  • It is clearly known since it is made of plastics it is not suitable with the microwave oven.
  • Though they are BPA-free, we have to think about it before putting a hot meal in them.
  • When you look for an attractive design, melamine is the best for you.

6. Vitrified glass

Vitrified glass
  • Vitrified glass, from the name it is very much clear it is made up of a glass material.
  • This is heated at extremely high temperatures so that durability is more.
  • The best brand in the vitrified glass dinnerware is Corelle
  • People mostly give importance to their health and that should be toxin-free in that case vitrified glass
  • It will not break when it is suddenly slipped into the ground.


I have listed all the best non-toxic dinnerware which are free from lead and cadmium. They are the main culprits which spoil our health slowly. As already mentioned it is a slow poison to our body. We have to very much careful in this world before we choose a little thing for our family and friends.

Because nobody loves to buy the toxins, I think you are all bit clear about the dinnerware. And now you can buy the best toxic-free dinnerware by completely reading this article.

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